Kitchen Evolution

When Christian and I bought our house back in 2011, it wasn't what you'd consider a "dream home." That is, unless you aspire to live in a dark and dated split level with an assortment of 70s-fabulous fixtures and a side of shag carpet. Dreamy!

No, our house was pretty hideous, but the hubs and I could see that with some paint, spackle, duct tape, chicken wire and a whole bunch of elbow grease, we could transform this place into a perfect nest for our family. Over the last five years, we've attacked nearly every room. Some just needed a fresh coat of paint. Others—like our avocado master bathroom—needed total rehab.

The kitchen has fallen somewhere in the middle on the "hot mess" spectrum. It had good bones: solid wood cabinets, fantastic layout, plenty of space. But it was daaaaaaaaark. Cave troll dark. Black hole dark. You get the point. 

Christian and I have chipped away at the oppressive darkness bit by bit over the years. This has involved all manner of unpleasant physical labor: 

  • Scraping off sunflower-and-bug wallpaper (who on earth would choose such a thing?)
  • Removing green tile countertops set in 2 inches of solid mortar (who on earth would DO such a thing???)
  • Painting the dark wood cabinets a fresh shade of cream
  • Replacing the crusty hardware and ancient-of-days appliances

A few weeks ago, we decided to tackle two more major projects in the kitchen: ripping out a cabinet over our peninsula and "de-popcorning" the ceiling. This was miserable work, but the transformation in our kitchen is nothing short of miraculous!

I could rattle on for days about the improvements, but instead, I'll just show the pics. Here's a little chronological tour of our kitchen as we've taken it from dark and dated to light and lovely:

And here's a nice view of the final product:

Hooray for happy kitchens! I think I may have to cook something fabulous. Or maybe I'll just let it be clean for a little while.

— Sarah


Sarah Nord

Sarah Nord blogs about food, family and fine living at Sarah loves to share recipes and life experiences that are all about the pursuit of health and happiness. By day, Sarah works in marketing and consulting for software startups. By night, she loves on her family, tends her home and juggles her many hobbies, including cooking, gardening, crafting and reading. Sarah is passionate about eating well, shopping local and giving back. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with her husband, two children, two corgis and cranky cat.